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Downloading Stock Quotes FAQ

What is the difference between downloading quotes and importing quotes?

How do I download quotes using Master Investor?

How do I import quotes using Master Investor?

Downloading current quotes stopped working. How can I fix it.

Downloading vs. Importing

Master Investor includes capabilities for both downloading price quotes and for importing price quotes.  When we refer to downloading, we mean that the MI will

At present, Master Investor 6 is capable of downloading only current and historic quotes.  The Yahoo Finance sites have quotes available for nearly all world exchanges. Select the appropriate download format (Yahoo Finance for current quotes and Yahoo Historic for historic quotes). When downloading historic quotes, only one issue at a time can be downloaded and the user is prompted for the ticker symbol to download.

Downloading Current Quotes with Master Investor

If your computer does not automatically connect to the internet when you launch a browser or email program then you will need to connect to the internet before attempting to download quotes with MI. AOL users should launch their AOL application to connect to AOL. Others should launch their internet dialer and connect to the internet. Once you are connected to the internet:

MI will access the internet, download and import quotes for all the ticker symbols that have been defined in your securities definitions. 


If you are not getting all the quotes you think you should, check the following:

Importing Quotes with Master Investor

MI is designed to reject records that may contain invalid or improperly formatted data. For this reason, there are several items that must be setup correctly to successfully import quotes. Master Investor Import Quotes Screen Sample

If you are unable to determine the format of an import file, just send us the file as an email attachment. We will examine the file to determine the appropriate setup.

Downloading current quotes stopped working. How can I fix it?

On September 4, 2007, Yahoo changed the location of their server for current quotes. The new location is download.finance.yahoo.com. To change this in either MI or OPPM choose

  1. Click the Download Quotes Button
  2. Select the Download Yahoo Finance download format.
  3. From the setup menu choose "Edit Current Format"
  4. Change the Download Host URL from "http://finance.yahoo.com" to "http://download.finance.yahoo.com"
  5. Click the Save button