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Invoicing, billing and inventory management software for small businesses.
Easy to use invoicing, billing and inventory management software for small businesses.

Simple Business Invoicing & Inventory (SBII) is a complete sales management program that includes: invoicing, estimates or price quotes, inventory management, automated billing, mailing list management, and sales tracking. Invoices and bills can be printed on plain paper or emailed directly to customers.

Simple Business Invoicing and Inventory software features:

An intuitive graphical interface with pop-up menus and pick lists that minimize typing. For example, to create an invoice you simply choose the customer and products sold from a series of menus. SBII fills in the invoice and computes the sales tax for you.  Then, with the click of a button, you can also process credit card charges. Once completed, the invoice can be printed with mailing labels or emailed directly to the customer.

The intuitive layout of this software makes it easy to learn and use.Estimates. With the same ease that you create an invoice, SBII now allows you to produce estimates or price quotes for your clients. You select the items from your predefined price list and the estimate is automatically assembled to be printed or emailed to your client.

Inventory Management. Once you record purchases of the products that you sell, SBII tracks inventories by deducting items sold from inventory on hand. Inventory may be managed using either the First in-First out or Last in-First out methods.   Reports for inventory on hand, cost of goods sold, reordering stock are provided.

Customer tracking. Customer profile reports show each customer, the items they have purchased and the dates each item was purchased.

Sales tracking. Product sales reports give a complete picture of the products that are selling and those that are not. The Buyers report shows you the names of customers who have purchased a particular product.

Mailing list management. Customers can be separated into up to 100 groups. Mailing lists and address labels can be generated for any combination of one or more groups of customers. This feature lets you target your mass mailings to just those customers who are most likely to respond to a given mailing.

Integrated Credit Card Processing. With a Viagra for sale orlando, users can seamlessly process credit card transactions directly from within SBII.

To help you get started quickly, customers lists and product definitions can be imported from delimited text files.

SBII can be configured to automatically compute two sales taxes (e.g., Canadian GST and PST).

Income data entered into SBII can be imported into OWL’s Simple Business Accounting (SBA) to provide complete tracking of both sales income and business expenses.

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