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Value Added Tax Accounting

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Value Added Tax Invoicing & Inventory

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OWL Software is pleased to introduce easy to use accounting and invoicing software that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of users who are required to track and report either Goods and Services Taxes (GST) or Value Added Taxes (VAT).

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GST / VAT Accounting (GVA) is an easy-to-use program that is designed to maintain complete and accurate accounting of income and expenses with particular emphasis on tracking Canadian style Goods and Services Taxes (GST) or Value Added Taxes (VAT) taxes that are both collected and paid. GVA uses the "single entry" bookkeeping method. This accounting method is easy to use and is equally suited for small businesses and individuals.

Value Added Tax AccountingUsing GVA, you can produce a variety of expense, income, profit, general ledger and tax reports. You can define up to 1000 different income and expense accounts to fully categorize your income and expenses for tax purposes. Having your records fully organized can save you time and money at tax time.

GVA employs the concept of folders where each folder contains income and expense data that may be reported either separately or in combination. Thus, GVA may be used for multiple businesses, multiple divisions within a single business or for both business and personal accounting.

GVA is linked to OWL’s GST / VAT Invoicing (GVI) program via an import option that transfers income data from GVI into GV Accounting. GV Invoicing provides complete tracking of sales, customers, inventory and receivables. The combination of GVA and GVI provides a complete business management solution for many small businesses.

GST/VAT InvoicingGST/VAT Invoicing & Inventory

GST / VAT Invoicing (GVI) is a complete sales management system that includes: invoicing, inventory management, automated billing, mailing list management, and sales tracking. Special attention has been paid to meeting the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Value Added Tax (VAT) tracking and reporting requirements of countries including Australia and Canada.  This includes printing the words "Tax Invoice" at the top of printed invoices.

GVI Features:

An intuitive graphical interface with pop-up menus and pick lists that minimize typing. For example, to create an invoice you simply choose the customer and products sold from a series of menus. GVI fills in the invoice and computes the sales tax for you.

Value Added Tax Invoicing & InventoryInventory Management Once you record purchases of the products that you sell, GVI tracks inventories by deducting items sold from inventory on hand. Inventory may be managed using either the First in-First out or Last in-First out methods.

Customer tracking. Customer profile reports show each customer, the items they have purchased and the dates each item was purchased.

Sales tracking. Product sales reports give a complete picture of the products that are selling and those that are not. The Buyers report shows you the names of customers who have purchased a particular product.  Special tax reports provide information needed when filing GST / VAT taxes.

Mailing list management. Customers can be separated into up to 100 groups. Mailing lists and address labels can be generated for any combination of one or more groups of customers. This feature lets you target your mass mailings to just those customers who are most likely to respond to a given mailing.

GVI can be configured to automatically compute two sales taxes (e.g., Canadian GST and PST).

Income data entered into GVI can be imported into OWL’s GST / VAT Accounting (GVA) to provide complete tracking of both sales income and business expenses.


Downloading and Installing GST / VAT Accounting and Invoicing

Click on the following links to download the GST Accounting and/or the GST Invoicing setup programs.

Download GST / VAT Accounting Version 1.0.2 (gvasetup.exe) 

Download GST / VAT Invoicing Version 1.0.2 (gvisetup.exe) 

Your browser may ask if you want to open the file or save it to disk. We recommend that you save the file to disk.  Once the file has been downloaded, you may install the program by running the downloaded file